Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Visit with the Poads of Majacraft in Tauranga, NZ

The very day that Lexi was arriving at LAX from her Majacraft spinning workshop near Wellington, we were departing from LAX on the way to New Zealand to, among other things, catch up with the Poads, owners of Majacraft. My intention was to join Lexi's class, but flying on Frequent Flyer Miles, one can't dictate the dates of the one's flight.

At any rate, Majacraft's marketing director, Andy (Poad), was, of course, drumming up interest on the new Majacraft wheel -- still unnamed -- on Majacraft's Ravelry forum. I was sucked into the "treasure hunt" as I was about to place an order for a custom-made Suzie, but the new wheel announcement made me put that order on hold. For all the tortuous waiting, I'd have to say it was all worth it!

I got to try the new wheel and it’s fabulous! I like all the Majacraft wheels because with them you are in control. The new wheel is different. It’s very easy to spin, but you feel it’s you and the wheel working together to create the yarn. I would liken it to taking two to tango or eating pasta that’s cooked al dente -- there’s chew. There’s a good deal of give and take and you feel some pleasant pull from the wheel as you spin. Really, really nice.

BTW, while the new wheel was created for artyarns, what I spun was more like sock yarn, so the wheel is truly versatile.

Andy also showed other things in development, but I’ll let Andy make the revelations in the months to come. No more pre-empting. Promise!

After spending the entire afternoon in the workshop and office hanging out with the Poads and Pat Old who just published her book, In A Spin (available from Majacraft dealers), we were graciously treated to delightful dinner in Glynis and Owen’s garden along with Rob and his daughter, Hope. It was very pleasant. Owen smoked mussels, and deboned and smoked trout that he caught. It was complemented by a bottle of red wine from Trinity Hill. (Owen did showed off the bottle Lexi brought them from her family's Boeger Winery in Placerville, CA.)

More photos here.