Tuesday, June 26, 2007

JumpSheep gets woven in France

Back in February, Le Forum de Filage held a yarn exchange called,
Le feu couve sous la glace. My godmother was Carine; and my godson, Paul -- not a spinner, but a weaver.

Last month, Paul sent me photos of what he had done with the yarns that I sent him. I was so delighted to see our work together -- a table runner -- and am equally delighted to share them with you. Paul wrote that it was his first time to weave with handspun yarn. Well, it was also my first time to have a weaver work with my yarn. : )

By the way, at last month's spinning retreat in France, Paul won my yarn -- which I had DHL'd when I learned I was quarantined -- at the raffle. It's a plied lace yarn in gold and burgundy.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Le Forum de Filage has opened an English section!

I'm delighted to let anglophone spinners know that the French spinning group Le Forum de Filage has opened a new English section. This is after the spinners' retreat in the Cevennes in France was graced with the presence of anglophones Owen and Glynnis Poad of Majacraft in New Zealand. Also, the European spinners of the forum are planning to come to the U.S. for the Maryland Sheep and Wool and, eventually, visit the Majacraft factory in Tauranga. Therefore, they are brushing up on their English.

So far, we've heard from Andy Poad, son of Owen and Glynnis; Otto Strauch, creator of the fabulous drum carders; Elizabeth of Spinning from the Edge; and Natasha of Luxe.

Andy, along with brother, Rob, are fashioning a new Majacraft flyer as requested by Midian.

As Sandrine, the forum's host, describes it, "It's a small flyer, for baby bobbins and fat-core bobbins. Not a flyer for standard bobbins. Instead of an orifice for fine fibers it's a delta orifice like the standard flyer, but with e-hook. And of course fiber-glass arms."

So, there you are. If you want constant discussions daily, go join the filage forum!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I bring you what I missed...

due to chickenpox: the spinning retreat in the Cevennes region of France. You can view photos taken by Richard and written about by Sandrine right here

More photos below courtesy of Sandrine, Muriel and Paul.

Joelle, the quintessential chic French woman played the ever-gracious hostess, along with her husband, Pascal. Here she is spinning with her suede boots on.

What spinner or weaver wouldn't want to get lost in a place like this:

A basket of fantasy handspuns by Joelle labeled "LamadeLaine". One for each of her spinning guests.

Florence with one of Joelle's affectionate donkeys.

Joelle with a gift from Paul: his own handwoven piece.

Joelle's basket of singles. This picture is so French country.

Owen Poad and his wife, Glynnis, of Majacraft flew all the way from New Zealand to attend the retreat. The francophone spinners are fanatic about the their wheels, The Little Gem and the Suzie Pro.

Laurence, Sandrine and Florence mesmerized by the sight of fleece.

The buffet table.

Table for twenty, at least.

Spinners, weavers and spouses breaking bread.

Joelle's husband flambéing cognac on the hearth.

The May babies: Christine, Spock, Agnes, Joelle and Muriel (me, too). On the right is Pascal who prepared the cake. By the way, Christine is translating the Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns into French for Meg Swensen.

Paul hamming it up with a handspun.

Muriel and Laurence.

The Belgians: Agnes and Florence with the emblematic Belgian beer.

Mic's van filled with swags, spinning equipment and tools.

The view on Monday morning, departure day. A promising sign. Next retreat will be at Mic's place in Fall 2008.