Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jetlagged, and oh my deer!

It's just a manhole, but since this is Japan, design is a must. The deer is a symbol of Nara, where the rest of the photos were taken last week.

Feeding time!

Do you see the pleased look on this cookie-eating deer?

Larry is beseeched to share his ice cream.

"That looks yummy!" These fellows are not incapable of poking your butt to get you to feed them.

Looking stately and nonchalant among tourists.

This deer, er, dear getting water just outside the temple to cool off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


To toast the Ravelry invite received, I present the French music video of Camille, Ta Douleur, where she gets caught up slowly, but surely in a self-knitting blue yarn.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Abigoy: Indie artist in Manila

So I've been in Manila for almost two weeks now and a trip to Manila is not complete without a weekend in the country with family friends from waaaaay back. One of them is an indie artist named Abi Goy whose hip t-shirts are sold at Analog Soul.

So Abi and I had our "stitch and bitch" time during which she worked on her contribution to an upcoming group exhibition. For the show, each artist was given a blank doll which was to be finished according to the individual's desire. Abi's is a doll with two identities: Fire and Rain. Note the flame on the red doll's right hand and a rain drop on the blue one's. Abi drew the design on the doll with a pencil as she stitched along. That's a true artist, not a mere craftster!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Out for the Summer

Halo-halo is a favorite treat in Manila, especially during the summer months. A tall glass is filled halfway with sweetened beans, coconut meat, jackfruit, yam, plantain, flan caramel, and rice crispies. Then the whole mix is covered with crushed ice, milk is poured on and topped with ice cream.

What goes in halo-halo.

How to prepare halo-halo.

Ice shaver fashioned after the traditional kind made of cast-iron.