Sunday, March 09, 2008

Springwater Fiber Workshop Reopens!

In mid-November I wrote an obit for Springwater which had suddenly closed down for lack of funds (it's a non-profit organization). Since then the fiber school and shop has rebounded with over $100,000 in donations.

The grand re-opening happened yesterday and along with it came the Spring issue of the Springwater newsletter. In it you will see that I will be teaching a half-day class on Carding Tricks and Techniques.

By the way, Jacey Boggs is also teaching. She's doing a full-day class on Coils and a two-day class on Spinning Art Yarns. I met Jacey when Pluckyfluff came to the East Coast in Fall 2005 for a spinning workshop in Pennsylvania. At that time her monster hat knit kits were already selling like hotcakes. Since then she has moved on art yarns and is coming up is her own spinning video.

To further help support Springwater, I'm taking John Marshall's class on Clothing Designs of the World - Creating Your Own Fashions Based on Ethnic Traditions while Mr. JumpSheep is signing up for Roderick Owen's class on Japanese Braiding on the Marudai and Takadai