Thursday, February 21, 2008

Francophone Spinners' Annual Yarn Exchange

I was away overseas for the Valentine's Day yarn exchange of the Tricofolk Forum so I only got my package today when I went to pick up two week's worth of mail at the post office. Here's what I found in the mail.

It's a beaded yarn from Yvette, along with Scottish soap, British chocolate and a handknit pouch. On the greeting card, she wrote: "I have only been spinning since August; I hope that you don't mind being paired with a beginner." A beginner? This yarn looks like a pro's! Yvette is Scottish, but lives in Echirolles, France. Merci et tant de bises, Yvette!

My "godlchild" was Elo and this is what she received.

I find that a sampling of KoolAid always perks up a care package headed towards Europe because it's not available there. : )