Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dyeing Easy

The fibers in Ziploc bags were dyed with Cushing Perfection Acid Dyes. They come in little envelopes priced $3 and weighing 1/3 ounce to color a pound of wool. Nothing else to add other than vinegar. From left: orange, mint green, redgrape, jade green and pink.

Four of the colored fibers were carded side-by-side and the 5th color, pink, was carded over them.

Here are the resulting rovings.

Cushing dyes may be easy to use, but if you want the ultimate dye for dummies, try Gaywool from Australia/Louet. They are used like Kool-Aid: no salt or vinegar necessary. I have even used them without pre-wetting the fiber with success. The colors are electric. There are also the Gaywool Bush Blend dyes which are slightly cheaper, but are so much paler.