Friday, September 15, 2006

First-Ever Retreat of Francophone Spinners in Lorraine, France - Sept. 8-9

See the photos on Sandrine's blog. With the strong support of her husband, Richard, corsetmaker par excellence, she organized the get-together held in the angora goat farm of Marylene and Alain, folks behind Horizon Mohair.

More photos by Sandrine and Richard here. Florence, who raises sheep in Belgium, blogged about her six-hour drive to France here.

All lined up: me, Midian (Switzerland), Sandrine (France), Amélie (Pouxy's daughter), Carine (Belgium), Muriel (France), Pouxy (France), Laurence (France) and her daughter, Garance. Below: Florence (Belgium) and Agnès (Switzerland).

Materials for swapping.