Saturday, February 18, 2006

Majacraft Magic Weekend of Spinning

Pat Old (left), well-known Kiwi fiber artist, and me spinning away on Little Gems. Read about it here.

Pat, teaching spinners how to use the diz. She also taught us a trick on how to make instant bouclé: spin a single from regular wool and another from superwash, then ply them together and felt. Voîlà, instant bouclé.

I tried to passed on to Pat what I learned from Lexi Boeger at Camp Pluckyfluff East, like the cocoon and the nubbs. In the photo is her first attempt at the cocoons, following my miserable instructions. Of course, Pat made better cocoons on her own! By the way, Pat has the Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning.

Mental note: Send for that HGA package. : )