Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pluckyfluff goes to the East Coast

I drove to Mechanicsburg, PA, to attend the two-day Camp Plucky East with Pluckyfluff herself, Lexi Boeger, who came with Jenny Neutron Star in tow.

The event was organized by Angela and Reenie of Material Whirled and was attended by about 12 other spinners, including Heidi of mypapercrane and Jacey of insubordiknit, who pointed me to getting a Strauch Petite. Mike Bennett of betterhollywood filmed a documentary on women and crafts for his school project.

All spinners dropped by The Mannings in East Berlin at some point during the weekend.

Photos courtsey of Reenie and Angela.

Lexi doing a demonstration.

Mike Bennett documenting the event.

Little Ann on mom Reenie's wheel.

Crazy batts all in a row.

Me on my Kiwi.

Amy spinning of a spindle and comtemplating on getting a wheel.